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First Time Home Buyer: Condo or Townhouse?

Are you a first time home buyer and considering condos or townhomes? Ever wonder the difference between the two or how you might know which property type would be be right for you? The following summary from AOL Real Estate offers two perspectives worth considering on why someone may choose one over the other:

The advantage of a townhome over a condo is that you are living more independently. You’ll have a little bit of yard. You will enter through your own front door. You can probably grill out back. You may only share one wall with your neighbors—not the many walls, hallways, floors and ceilings that can create strife and noise complaints in a condo. And you may have your own parking space or garage—not a free-for-all parking lot.

Some people choose a condo, however, because it offers complete liberation from outdoor work. Condos do tend to offer more attractive locations. In some neighborhoods in a city or a suburban downtown, condos may be all you can find. These high rise buildings tend to be in more urban settings, potentially near transportation (such as a commuter train), food and entertainment. They may offer a spectacular view that you just can’t get on the ground floor.

Ultimately, it’s mostly a lifestyle choice: would you rather live in an apartment or a house? How close do you want to be to your neighbors? Both condos and townhouses force a little bit of community living on you, but townhouses offer a little more independence and condos offer more citified living.

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